Jennifer Page – Senior Tour Consultant

Meet Jennifer, a Senior Tour Consultant for the areas of Connecticut, Westchester NY, Ohio, & Bermuda. Having worked at Prometour since April, 1999, Jennifer is truly an expert in all things related to educational travel and a helpful & caring mentor to her colleagues. There’s a good reason you can hear “ask Jennifer” being called out throughout the office on a daily basis!

Tell us about yourself!

I am the only child, born to a Mexican Mother & British Father, here in Montreal at the height of the disco era (1969). I was a curious child, full of energy and at an early age it was evident that I loved to talk! I was often offered $0.05 (big money in the day) to sit quietly for 5 minutes – I have yet to win that $0.05!

I graduated Pre-K, Kindergarten & Grade School with flying colours. My interests at that time were going to library, Girl Scouts, playing Barbie, Saturday cartoons, & Cher. As a small child my travel experiences were driving from Montreal to Mexico City to visit my mom’s family (at least 2 times), beach time in Wildwood (NJ), and competing at the Quebec Summer Games (Softball) in Sept-Iles (QC)

My first taste of group travel occurred in High School in the form of Student Council & Music Exchanges – Gloucester (MA), Scarborough (ON), Winnipeg (MB), and the highlight was representing our School Orchestra & Choir at EXPO 86 in Vancouver (BC)

In Cegep, I studied & earned my degree in Energy Technology & Management. I had hopes to find a new & cheap renewable energy source, but at the end of my studies I realised that I was better suited for a “person-to-person” environment!

Following my studies, our family had an opportunity to temporarily relocate to Friedrichshafen, Germany. While there I taught English as a 2nd Language to adults, which I loved! I used my time in Germany to experience Europe, mainly backpacking with friends (2 times); Scotland, England, France (Monaco), Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Italy (Vatican City), Liechtenstein, Switzerland & Ireland.

Europe helped me realise that not only am I “people-person” but I am also a “traveler”, which led me to finding a job in the Caribbean as a Shore Excursion Manager. It combined the love of travel, meeting new people, and I got to escape the cold Canadian winters!

Jennifer in Ottawa, Canada

What made you apply to Prometour?

I found Prometour through the YELLOW PAGES. I was sending my CV to companies listed under areas I thought I would want to work in; Event Planning, Tourism, TV & Radio etc…

What are the top destinations you’ve visited and which was your favourite?

Peru – Macchu Pichu                     Brasil – Rio                                         USA – Grand Canyon

Canada by Train                               USA – California Hwy 1                  Italy – Venice & Tuscany

Too hard to choose a favourite!

Jennifer in Washington, D.C.

What was your best or most valuable travel experience?

Not necessarily BEST or VALUABLE but most impressive moments:

Seeing my country, Canada, from the seat of a train (cross country train ride)

Landing on the floor of the Grand Canyon by helicopter & watching the sun rise

Rounding the corner and seeing the iconic view of Machu Picchu

Sitting on a waterfront patio, drinking crisp white wine from a Murano glass decanter, eating Caprese salad and enjoying the view of daily life of the canals of Murano, Italy

Jennifer visiting Murano, Italy

 What destinations are on your bucket list and why?

Hawaii – it looks stunningly beautiful

Japan – it’s rich with culture & history so different from my own

India – I’d love to learn about the traditions; henna tattoos, the hand movements in the dances, the bells, flower garlands, painted elephants, Bollywood etc..

Alaska – to see glaciers before they melt, and wildlife in their natural environment

Portugal – Lisbon looks so pretty, and to me it still seems less  touristy than other Europe destinations

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Though I don’t travel as often as I used to, I still get to help people plan trips (arm chair traveling), and because of the research I do for those trips, my travel bug keeps getting fed new ideas!

Which Prometour Tour would you travel on?

I’d like to return to Spain and do a typical Barcelona, Madrid & Andalucia trip

A trip to China or Japan

France but with focus on Normandy.

Jennifer soaking in the view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 What is the best piece of travel advice you can give someone?

Understand that travel is unpredictable. Be ready that things may not go as planned and that sometimes an unexpected event can turn out to be the best part of the trip!

What’s one thing you wish you could tell educators that want to plan a student trip?

Because travel was an important part of my high school years, I truly still believe in the importance of being able to have students have that experience- to see how thing are different, or often, not so different, from what you know. To meet new people, and learn about how their experiences could influence your thoughts & actions. See places or landmarks in person, rather than a book/internet. Do amazing things like take part in a Mexican Christmas Posada, attend Oktoberfest in Munich, whale watch from a zodiac in Tadoussac etc… Realise that you have more skills and are more resourceful, than you thought.

And as the planner of a trip.. allow some free time in the day. Don’t overschedule. Churches & Museums begin to look the same and students need time to “not learn by lecture / guided tour”, you need to grab a coffee, and as a group it allows for your tour director to show you their city/country with their off the beaten track ideas.

Come fly with me! Jennifer flying by plane!

-Jennifer Page, Senior Tour Consultant