Peru is a popular travel destination among teachers & students thanks to its ancient ruins, diverse ecosystems, and fascinating yet mysterious culture. Imagine learning Spanish in one of the most beautiful locations to be found in Latin America! If this sounds enticing, you’ll love our Peru Immersion program:

Peru’s authentic culture coupled with our Spanish immersion & language classes make for no shortage of memorable learning experiences.

Meet the Peruvian people, embark on local school visits, take part in toy making & handcraft workshops and more. Our outreach programs allow you to live the life of a local!

There’s more to Peru than just Machu Picchu—Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley, the Inca Civilization and more await you and your students!

Explore each of Peru’s three geographic zones: La Costa (the coast), La Sierra (the mountains), and La Selva (the jungle)—all with something unique to see and experience!

Peru is known as one of the world’s ten “megadiverse” countries—its culture, ecosystems, species, and genetic resources make it an exhilarating destination for student travel

Why Study At The Academia Latinoamericana de Español?

    • The Academia Latinoamericana occupies a 19th century colonial home on one of the many small plazas, right behind of the most important site from pre-Colombian Cusco, the Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun).
    • The building houses two full floors with about 17 classrooms, an indoor patio, a video room, auditorium, an entertainment room, wireless access to internet for our students and interior plaza.
    • Classes are held in rooms decorated with typical Peruvian « artesania. »
    • Teachers are experienced, highly qualified, caring and committed to providing students a high level of attention in teaching Spanish.
    • The Academia is registered with and recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of Education.
    • All students who successfully complete their course will receive a certificate showing the length of the course and the language level achieved.

What Does the Immersion Program Include?

    • 4 hours of Spanish classes per day (maximum 4 students per class)
    • Afternoon group activities organized by The Academia Latinoamericana de Español
    • All educational materials
    • Students are placed 2-3 per family unless otherwise requested.
    • 3 meals per day with the host family
    • Academia Latinoamericana de Español has a full-time member of staff dedicated to looking after the host families. If an irresolvable problem should arise students will be moved to another family.
    • Group leaders can choose between staying with a host family or hotel

Why Choose To Study Spanish in Cusco?

    • The city of Cusco sits perched amidst the clouds and the lush Andean greenery 11,000 feet above sea level, an everlasting legacy to Peru´s rich history
    • Due to the high elevation, it is cool at night and sunny but cool during the day year- round
    • Many international tourists are drawn to Cusco for its proximity to the famous Machu Picchu ruins and the Inca Trail.

About the Homestay Program

Academia Latinoamericana de Español oversees the family-stay program that Prométour uses in Cusco, Peru. These are the criteria used when recruiting Host Families:

    • Most new families come by the recommendation of existing members of the family network.
    • The Academia Latinoamericana de Español lodging coordinator visits each family regularly.
    • Strict criteria must be met in regards to a clean and hygienic apartment or home, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Special interest is made to the welcoming and hospitality qualities of the family.
    • An adult must be home during the times that participants are in the host-family home.
    • Some host families live in private houses with gardens, others in townhouses or apartments
    • Location of family home should be within walking distance or a short (15 minute) public transportation ride from group meeting point.
    • Efforts are made to match your participant with a family based on criteria such as similarly aged children, non-smokers, pets, common interests, etc…
    • Host families are financially compensated.

Wondering how much would cost your life-changing experience?