The list can go for 20 even 50 reasons why your next educational tour should be in Costa Rica – but we kept it short to 10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Costa Rica with us.

The learning experiences are endless in this beautiful green Central American country; from diverse wildlife, extensive nature and can’t miss sites to see. See why you should choose Costa Rica to host your educational adventure next year – or as soon as possible…

1) Befriend a variety of animals and tiny critters

Costa Rica’s wildlife is wild and there’s no doubt that you’ll come across some of the most unique creatures who call the country home. Continuing to always promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle; Costa Rica features many reserves, protected lands, and sanctuaries for its wildlife especially species that are endangered.  Our favorite pick for teachers and students to encounter wildlife and observe animals hanging around is in Manuel Antonio.

2) Volcanoes

Have you ever wanted to see a volcano? How about an active one? Good news – You can in Costa Rica. To be exact, there are 6 active volcanoes you can visit: Arenal, Irazu, Poas, Rincon de la Vieja and Turrialba. The one considered most active and we always suggest travellers to not miss out on is Arenal. Costa Rica’s volcanoes don’t only offer travellers a sight to see and hot springs to bathe in – they also source all the energy and electricity for the locals and their homes. Way to make the most of volcanoes and clean energy options.

3) Walk through clouds

Yes you read right – Immerse yourself in clouds by walking down hanging bridges in Costa Rica’s cloud forests. As if rainforests weren’t beautiful enough; Costa Rica is home to cloud forests which sit at higher elevations where temperatures are cooler causing them to be mistier and foggy – Thus creating the illusion of walking through the clouds. Since flying is still impossible at the moment, walking through clouds kind of comes close.

4) Fly over them

Ziplining is one of the most popular thrill seeking activities you can do in Costa Rica. Offered in many parts of the country, harnessing yourself down a cable through the rich green forests and above the clouds will offer you some of the greatest views of Costa Rica – let alone an amazing experience.

5) Experience Pura Vida

Pura Vida, the motto of Costa Rica, means pure life. Pura Vida is reflected throughout the country’s wildlife, lifestyle, environment and especially its people. The laidback lifestyle with a conscious mindset of giving back to mother nature and being one with our planet is one we can get used to.

6) Discover how chocolate and coffee are made

In Costa Rica, chocolate grows on trees – okay cocoa beans grow on the trees which are later processed and refined to make the chocolate we all love to enjoy. Checking out how the Costa Ricans produce our favorite cocoa delights, chocolate, and coffee is sure to be a sweet treat for you and your students.

7) Sloths!

Home to the world’s largest sloth sanctuary, Costa Rica is the place to visit these lazy and furry animals who are currently an endangered species. Supporting sanctuaries that are built for the experts to nurture these delicate and lovable creatures instead of places which only serve the purpose of offering a picture of them is something to think about. Sloths are meant to be admired from a distance and are much friendly when they feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings.

8) Rainforests galore

As if a cloud forest was not enough to convince you why you should visit Costa Rica, the country is also home to rich rainforests that are home to wildlife and colorful fauna. Hiking throughout these forests will lead you to find special treasures and gems that the country is known for like where the water meets and cascades; where the animals meet and play, or simply just to hear the joyful sounds of cheerful birds.

9) Go chasing waterfalls…

Do chase them because in Costa Rica they’re in abundance – and there’s even some you can swim under too; our favourite is La Fortuna.

10) Environmentally conscious

With a goal of being carbon-neutral by 2021; students can learn a whole lot from Costa Rica regarding sustainable living. From renewable successful energy resources and conservation efforts; Costa Rica has become a leader and stands to be a great destination for a hands-on learning experience. Plus, by choosing to visit Costa Rica’s ecotourism areas; you also serve a helping hand for the planet as all the proceeds collected go to the government and private organizations to continue protecting endangered and threatened sectors of the forest spaces and their inhabitants.