Values deeply rooted in the heart of Prométour

In 2013, Prométour set its sights on becoming the leader in student travel for environmental practices. We were among the first travel agencies to offer their clients the opportunity to offset carbon emissions on a voluntary basis.

This was made possible through our partnership with Taking Root, an organization that focuses on reforestation projects in Nicaragua, benefiting the environment and its farmers. Since then, over 10 000 trees have been planted to partly offset CO2 emissions made during group trips.

We have always been firm believers in the BMW (Bus, Metro, Walk) motto, not only is it better for the environment, it’s also the best way for students to discover the destination!

An ongoing commitment

We’re also proud that 60% of our organized travel is done through motor coach transportation. In 2019, we took it one step further by offering teachers on select motor coach tours the chance to trade in their Prométour backpacks for a full-trip carbon offset.

We are planning to expand this initiative for all of our tours. Furthermore, the select merchandise we do continue to send will be bought exclusively from domestic suppliers, thus reducing the negative environmental impact caused by long-distance transportation.

Additionally, we are working to decrease the carbon footprint of our student trips by favoring suppliers with green values, opting to use electric buses or public transportation when possible, and organizing itineraries in a way that favors train travel and short distances between sites.

Within the office, we set up a Green Committee in order to implement more environmentally friendly initiatives and support our staff in transitioning to healthier and greener lifestyles.

Looking forward

We pledge to implement automatic CO2 offsetting for all of our tours by 2020. To achieve our goal, we are partnering with even more tree planting organizations. We would like to make an impact not only in Nicaragua but in Canada and the United States as well.

Our next target is to be a 100% carbon neutral company by 2023.

We know that with your support, we can make a brighter, greener future for generations to come!