Our community outreach programs provide students and teachers the opportunity to give back and to help people in need.  Through simple actions, we believe participants will develop cooperation skills and grow their self-esteem while working with the locals to make their community better.

Whether it’s helping local farmers in Peru, tackling climate change one tree at a time in Costa Rica or collecting and distributing non-perishable goods in Québec, participants will create memories that will last a lifetime.

With over 25 years of experience in educational travel, Prométour has been called by many the ‘artisan of the student trip industry’. Our commitment to customer service and safety makes the entire booking & travel process an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

A World of Options


Meet the Peruvian people, embark on local school visits, take part in toy making & handcraft workshops and more. Our outreach programs allow you to live the life of a local!

One Student’s Amazing Return to Peru


Costa Rica

“Helping Hands” is a wonderful way for participants to interact with locals, practice language skills, experience the culture of Costa Rica 1st hand and gives the opportunity to help a community to grow! From volunteer work to community outreach initiatives, we have the perfect programs to connect you with the local Costa Rican people. Learn what life is like as a Tico or Tica:

Posada Belén

Posada Belén is a home for young mothers and their babies. They love speaking with people, especially those within their own age range and they can always use help to take care of the children!

Orphanage Visits

Children love to interact with new people, practice their English, play and often the buildings themselves can use a bit of painting or freshening up.

Public School Visits

Public Schools always need help to give students a better place to study! Painting classrooms can change the face of the school and give children motivation to study.

EBAIS Health Clinics

The EBAIS in Costa Rica are small clinics located within the community. They offer an alternative to having to go to a hospital for minor injuries/ailments. They are public but do not receive government financial help. They need painting, reconstruction, and general improvements. This is especially helpful for the community.

Tree Planting

Planting trees teaches how important it is to conserve nature and recover the forests. Re-plant almond trees with a local community co-op of farmers. Over lunch, learn from the farmers their goals & achievements to help keep Costa Rica green! Make a difference, be a part of worldwide humanitarian work!

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