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Need to plan your organisation’s next group trip? Set your sights on destinations that are just around the corner or make it the journey of a lifetime in the most exotic locations…. With an array of cultures and experiences, finding the perfect destination that will capture the attention of your group of travelers is a breeze. Let the experts at Prométour help you to customize your program. Contact us to start planning today.

The Americas

Explore tour options spanning from the East to West coast in Canada and the USA. Enjoy fine dining, spot the local wildlife or be immersed in spectacular views. Want to try something new? Discover Pura Vida in Costa Rica. Rediscover your love for the Americas!

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Why not have it all! With over 6 thousand kilometres from coast to coast, you will be swept away by the sheer size of the great North and the Canadian spirit.

Canadian destinations

United States

There is no need to go far for a great escape! Known for their love of grandeur and their pride, the USA is overflowing with iconic sights and attractions.

American destinations

Costa Rica

Taking your breath away, naturally! Take a deep breath and embrace Pura Vida.

Costa Rican destinations


Travel to Europe to experience endless opportunity.  Through our customizable tours you can immerse yourself in one destination or consider combining a choice of countries, cities and regions. Prepare for the journey of a lifetime!

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Indulge yourself! Venture beyond the confines of Paris to uncover the true French essence.

French Destinations


Celebrate all that is good in life! Built upon the ruins of an ancient world, Italy’s timeless allure will certainly captivate you.

Italian Destinations


At a crossroad of culture, history and arts. An exploration of the country will reveal the great influence of the Roman Empire and Andalusian culture.

Spanish Destinations


This destination a great pick for a variety of travelers… from foodies to outdoor adventurers, sun-seekers and those hunting for the perfect photo shoot opportunity!

Portuguese Destinations

Germany and Austria

Enjoy the musical masterpieces of its composers. Feast on local and traditional dishes. Explore its countryside or live it up in some of the most exciting cities: Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Cologne…

German and Austrian Destinations


Take your group to enchanting Asian destinations, where all senses come alive. Discover a bountiful nature, sophisticated cuisine, breathtaking panoramas and exciting cities. Combine several countries to experience many cultures or focus on a region to immerse yourself in the local life.

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With its vibrant cities, white sandy beaches, gastronomy and nightlife combined with a rich and unique cultural heritage, Thailand offers something for everyone.


This destination is like no other; offering heritage and history one day and hi-tech city living the next. Make japan your next group destination.


Discover Vietnam’s natural beauty and tranquil villages, the exotic wildlife of its highlands and rainforests, the tropical islands and beaches among the finest in the region.

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