The Grace and Bounties of Asia

Be ready to be dazzled by the bountiful nature of Asia…. Take your group to enchanting destinations, where all senses come alive. Combine several countries to experience a myriad of cultures and traditions, or focus on a single region and get immersed in the local life.  In addition to popular Thailand, Vietnam and Japan, consider adding a few days in Bali, Singapore or Malaysia.  Our tour consultants will work hand-in-hand with you to create the perfect itinerary for your group.

Thailand –  Land of Smiles

Bordered by Myanmar to the north-west, Laos to the north-east, Cambodia to the south-east, and Malaysia to the south, Thailand sits at the heart of South East Asia and offers something for everyone. With its vibrant cities, white sandy beaches, gastronomy and nightlife, Thailand is arguably South East Asia’s primary destination for holiday seekers, while retaining a rich and unique cultural heritage sure to please the most discerning traveler.  Vibrant, modern and forward thinking, the kingdom has also been able to preserve its own rich character and traditions.

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Japan – Land of the Rising Sun 

Where the past meets the future, this is Japan!  Traditions and technology co-exist in harmony.  Vast cities bustling with life make way to rural traditions and spectacular landscapes.  Expect to be delighted with the Japanese cuisine, renowned for the quality of the ingredients and the exquisite presentation. As for your group’s accommodation, why not ask to stay a night at a Ryokan in true Japanese style.  This destination is like no other; offering heritage and history one day and hi-tech city living the next.

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Vietnam – Discover its True Nature

Although many view Vietnam through the lens of history, the country is an oasis of harmony and peace. Discover its natural beauty and tranquil villages, the exotic wildlife of its highlands and rainforests, the tropical islands and beaches among the finest in the region. This beautiful land is an outstanding travel destination that offers something for everyone – be it history, cultural heritage, or exploring the country’s abundant exotic fauna and flora.

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