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Rich in culture, history and individuality, a European tour will soothe the soul. Whether you are interested in an exploration of French or German castles, in search of Spain’s most picturesque beach or Portugal’s freshest seafood, the continent’s variety will certainly appeal to you. Through our customizable tours you can immerse yourself in one destination or consider combining a choice of countries, cities and regions. Prepare for the journey of a lifetime!

France – Indulge yourself!

Experience the cultural awakening of a lifetime with a trip to France. Venture beyond the confines of Paris to uncover the true French essence. Tour the port cities, Nice or Cannes perhaps, to experience luxury like no other. Next, wander to the countryside and spend a day in the vineyards sipping authentic French wine surrounded by infinite lavender fields. Not one to be easily defined, evidence of France’s rich history is scattered throughout the country. From the legendary beaches of Normandy to the enchanting Château Chenonceau, any historian will be contented. Indulge yourself in all that France has to offer.

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Italy – Celebrate all that is good in life!

Built upon the ruins of an ancient world, Italy’s timeless allure will certainly captivate you. The union of Italy’s renowned history, art and gastronomy will afford travelers unlimited freedom. Itineraries highlighted by sights such as the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel and the Trevi Fountain serve as the foundation for a classic Italian trip. Dare to step away from the path well traveled to visit the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and bear witness to the nation’s relentless beauty. Most importantly, dedicate your trip to a discovery of regional food and wine. As a destination abundant in choice, celebrate Italy’s natural path to spontaneity!

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Spain – At a crossroad of culture, history and arts

A journey to Spain will satisfy those who want it all. An exploration of the country will reveal the great influence of the Roman Empire and Andalusian culture. With Gaudi’s modernist designs strewn throughout the city, Barcelona is an architectural masterwork. Much like their surroundings, the Spaniards exude passion and diversity. Feel the attraction of the Flamenco dance when you journey to the South. Discover the pride in the northeast’s Catalonia, a unique culture with its own history and language. Lose yourself in Spain’s spectacular fusion of culture!

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Portugal – Shaped by sunshine and ocean breezes!

Its rugged coastline, mountainous interior, bountiful farms, vineyards and fisheries, quaint towns and breathtakingly beautiful beaches make this destination a great pick for your next group searching for the perfect destination.

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Germany and Austria – Sights and sounds of charming Central Europe!

Take your group to majestic Germany and Austria to discover the culture and history, enjoy timeless musical masterpieces, explore its countryside, live it up in some of the most exciting cities: Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Cologne or take a river cruise and follow the Rhine or Danube into the heart of Central Europe!

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