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At Prométour, we know that choosing the right destination can be the difference between an educational adventure and a vacation— or, at worst, an overpriced bus excursion— and that it can be crucial in meeting your educational goals in meaningful ways. Students remember what they do, they remember what they learn when it was learned with context. When they play an active role in their learning process while visiting a popular destination, they come away from it with the knowledge that matters and memories that last a lifetime.

With Prométour, you get a fully customized trip to popular destinations from start to finish that fits your schedule. Our experienced, knowledgeable and professional team can help you create the perfect itinerary in line with your educational goals.

Want to stay in the heart of the city, go on local tours and eat at local authentic restaurants? We don’t do it any other way. Want to set aside some free time during your travels? We’ll make it work on your clock.

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Prométour’s mission is to design customized educational group travel to support teachers and help them to make their students discover, share and understand the diversity and beauty of the world around them.


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