Morocco perfectly blends the beauty of the Arabic culture and the French language making it an ideal destination for French educators seeking to step away from the classic student travel experience. Located in Northern Africa and only a ferry ride away from Europe, Morocco pairs nicely with the south of Spain and a stop in Gibraltar. The country’s rich history offers its visitors a glimpse into its imperial past and deep religious roots. And what would a student trip to Morocco be without a little adventure? Set your sights on the mountains where your group can sip tea with a Berber family, or journey into the desert with the help of a camel before spending the night beneath the stars. No matter what your travel goals are, a student trip to Morocco will expose young travelers to the country’s unique identity all while providing them with an immersive language experience.

Moroccan Highlights & the Atlas Mountains

Visit Rabat and see the Royal Palace
Explore the souks in Fez
See the Menara Gardens in Marrakesh
Ride a camel in the Atlas Mountains


Southern Spain& Morocco

Explore Malaga and canoe in Nerja.
Discover Chefchaouen, the Blue City
Visit Fes El Bali, the oldest part of Fez
See Marrakesh’s Bahia Palace


Moroccan Highlights & Desert Adventures

Visit the Hassan Tower in Rabat
See the Royal Palace in El Jedid
Discover Marrakesh’s Bahia Palace
Watch the sunset in the Agafey Desert


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