Contrasts and Wonders of The Americas

Set your sights on destinations that are just around the corner or make it the journey of a lifetime in the most exotic locations…. With an array of cultures and experiences, finding the perfect destination to capture the attention of your travelers will be a breeze. Explore tour options spanning from the East to West coast in Canada and the USA. Enjoy fine dining, spot local wildlife, or be immersed by spectacular views. Want to try something new? Discover Pura Vida in Costa Rica. Rediscover your love for the Americas!

Canada – Why not have it all!

With over 6 thousand kilometres from coast to coast, you will be swept away by the sheer size of the great North and the Canadian spirit. Stop in Montreal for a cultural exchange; a city bursting with life and art, you will be in awe of La Belle Province.  Tour the nation’s capital to visit Parliament Hill and the Canadian Museum of History. On the other hand, leave the city behind to escape to wide open spaces; explore the Atlantic provinces or visit the West coast to see Lake Louise serenely nestled between the Canadian Rockies. From bustling metropolitans to breathtaking views, Canada has it all!

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United States There is no need to go far for a great escape!

Known for their love of grandeur and their pride, the USA is overflowing with iconic sights and attractions. Destinations like New York City and Chicago are the perfect playground for any urban adventurer. Interested in reconnecting with nature? The USA is home to over 60 national parks; explore the sculpted reach of the Grand Canyon or be entranced by Yosemite’s towering waterfalls. Better yet, slow down and drive the PCH, weave through major Californian cities and sleepy surfer towns with the Pacific Ocean as your eternal backdrop. Discover the American experience one adventure at a time!

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Costa Rica – Taking your breath away, naturally!

Take a deep breath and embrace Pura Vida. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by Costa Rica’s untamed beaty and connect with the country’s most plentiful offering: nature. Explore the rainforest in Corcovadi National Park, walk across the Monteverde cloud forest and marvel at the Arenal Volcano. But the sights are only as good as the people who share them with you! Immerse yourself in authentic Costa Rican culture as you mingle with the locals in San Jose’s Central Market or discovery the intricacies of woodwork in Sarchi. Fall in love while the Costa Ricans help you uncover one magnificent secret at time!

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