5 Can’t Miss UK & Ireland Experiences with Prométour

English, History, Literature and Art. The destinations currently on our radar have something for every student: the UK & Ireland. Rich in history with deep roots in English literature and Art; the UK and Ireland have something that fits every student as well as teacher’s curriculum. We summed up the 5 Can’t Miss UK & Ireland experiences that we offer with just a little bit more of an exclusive touch.

1) Oxford Castle Unlocked

Take a trip to the past and explore the 1600s most feared and notorious prison, Oxford Castle. The Oxford Castle invites visitors to learn all about its’ previous owners, visionaries and inmates. On the Oxford Castle Unlocked tour you will meet your guide dressed in costume and follow the unveiling of history come to life; as you climb one of the oldest buildings in Oxford with a spectacular view waiting atop for you and venture down into a 900 year old crypt holding the remains of St. George’s Chapel. Once the tour comes to an end, visitors are given the keys and leisure time to venture around the castle’s prison to explore on their own. Careful not to wonder too far off or you’ll be left behind…Just kidding!

2) Tea time at Kensington Palace

There’s no place else to feel like royalty than at the Kensington Palace. The royal residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th century, the Kensington Palace is now home to Prince Harry as well as the Dukes and Duchesses of Cambridge, Kent, and Gloucester. With certain areas open to the general public, you can take a stroll through the beautiful Sunken Garden, gaze at the palaces grounds’ fountains and ponds while topping off your visit by attending a tea party. Experience traditional English afternoon tea time open from noon to five; enjoy a hot cup of tea accompanied with mini bites of sandwiches, scones and an assortment of tea pastries. Now that’s the royal treatment!

3) Backstage tour of the National Theatre

Lovers of the performing arts will not want to pass up the chance to take an exclusive tour behind the National Theatre. Take your students on an exciting tour of the legendary National Theatre where they will have the chance to see what goes on behind the velvet curtains. Learn about set design, costume design, and all the action that goes on before, during and after the show. Visitors can also take part in the Costume Tour which invites everyone into the inside world of costume design by meeting the National Theatre’s costume team including a tour of the cutting room, wig room and dye shop.

4) The Hidden Trails of Blarney Castle

A classic and must see castle in Ireland is the Blarney Castle. Surrounding the castle are rich green gardens dotted with multi-colored trees sure to liven up your heart. Wander around these fortifications and then definitely make your way up the castle. Said to be rebuilt with stone in 1210, parts of the castle remain to stand strong allowing millions of tourists to continue roaming up its steps to see the famous, Stone of Eloquence more commonly known as the Blarney Stone. It is very common and of tradition for tourists to hang upside down from the rock ledge to kiss the stone which is said to give those who do; the gift of eloquence. Don’t fret too quickly once you’re done, there’s plenty of magical gems like natural rock formations and other treasures to be explored around the castle grounds.

5) Experience the Loch Ness Tour

A tour that has been happening and going strong since 1985; take a journey on the original Loch Ness Tour to explore some of Scotland’s finest scenery. This fast-paced day long trip will take you and your students through the beautiful mountains and green landscapes of Scotland as well as the chance to ride the cruise on Loch Ness to try and spot the legendary monster. Only have one day to see and experience Scotland? Then this tour is for you as it jam-packs all of the country’s greatest highlights that surely cannot be missed out on.

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