5 North American Cities that will make You Feel Abroad

Going abroad is great but sometimes it just isn’t feasible but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience great cultural activities elsewhere. Did you know that you can experience different cultures and world history without jet setting across the ocean to Europe and Asia?


For first time student travelers and chaperoning teachers; smaller and closer to home destinations could be the key to getting your students feet wet when it does come the time you want to travel abroad. Plus, if travelers flock to North America to experience our history and way of life; then maybe we get more than just acquainted with our surroundings and neighbors. Check out these 5 North American cities that will make you feel abroad:


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1) Québec City & Montréal, Québec

Looking for French culture but on a budget that doesn’t fit France? Well we’ve got the perfect suggestion for you – Québec! Also our home, Québec offers an incredible French experience for those looking to immerse themselves in French culture and language. What’s great about the province of Québec is that you can easily travel from Québec City and Montréal for an incredible itinerary that combines both French history and the free spiritedness of Québecers. In Québec City, you can explore the battlegrounds which once hosted the revolutionary war between the English and the French; while climbing the oldest and last standing fortifications in North America above Mexico. As a majority of the province speaks French, Québec is a great place to take students to practice their French skills. What we love most about Québec is the amount of French culture travelers can experience that’s budget-friendly AND without the jet lag – well depending where you’re traveling from however the time difference isn’t as drastic as France.


5 North American cities that will make you feel abroad Quebec City Montreal Canada


2) New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana is another city in which you and your students can travel to experience French culture. With close ties to French history, New Orleans was the first French colony of the United States and the French influence is still alive and thumping when it comes to this rich, diverse city. With its exquisite cuisine combining African, Creole, Cajun and even Spanish touches, New Orleans is renowned for its dishes as well as cultural experiences it offers travelers.


5 North American cities that will make you feel abroad French Quarter New Orleans Louisiana USA

3) Stratford, Ontario

Just a short scenic drive from the metropolitan city of Toronto, you will find yourself in what is deemed to be one of the greatest art towns in North America; Stratford, Ontario. Known for its theatre scene and museums; Stratford is perfect for warmer seasons as the small town comes alive with art and plays in the park. The most famous festival known around the world is the Stratford Shakespeare Festival; which runs from April to October welcoming international theatre stars from the United States, Britain and across Canada. This festival put Stratford on the map and earned them international status from the theatre community. That being said; if Stratford upon Avon just isn’t in the books for your school board, then combining Toronto and Stratford can be a special trip which combines the fast-paced excitement of thriving Toronto and the incredible art scene of Stratford that brings Shakespeare back to life everyday.

5 North American cities that will make you feel abroad stratford ontario canada


4) Boston, Massachusetts

Just because this American city is small in size; the heart of its people and history is too loud to be ignored. Back bone of the United States, Boston is a city which founded the country’s such as the first public library, park, subway system and school. It is also on this same soil where the American Revolution and Boston Tea Party took place. Boston offers travelers a fine mix of its past and the ongoing contemporary present of the thriving city. Recognized as one of the leading cities of innovation and higher education;  some of the country’s great Ivy League American universities are found here so be sure to make your way around these and getting lost between the then and now of Boston.

5 North American cities that will make you feel abroad Boston Harvard Massachusetts


5) Victoria, British Columbia

While eastern Canada like Quebec serves history of the French colonization, on the western side of the country you will find influence of the British. Capital of British Columbia, Victoria is one of the oldest British colony cities which was ultimately named after the Queen Victoria. Much of the city has maintained the architecture and buildings built by once the British rulers and offers travellers a sense of Great Britain and how the city’s combined its British culture with Canadians residing in the capital today. Once commonly known as British North America; Victoria is now famously referred to as the Garden City for it is here where you can roam through the beautiful Butchart Gardens which features awe-inspiring landscaping influenced by Japanese, Italian and British styles. Victoria’s Chinatown is also the second oldest in North America, with San Francisco coming in first.


5 North American cities that will make you feel abroad Victoria British Columbia Canada



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