7 Resources that will make your French students love you

Sparking class interest for learning a second-language can sometimes be challenging. We thought we’d give you a break from brainstorming for the next best “out of the box” teaching material – Check out these fun, online and free 7 French resources that will make your students love you.

1) Solange te Parle

Native Montrealer; Ina Mihalache, who goes by her online alias Solange te Parle, is one of our favorite vloggers who really hits home with her videos. Offering audiences her light hearted humor on everyday life of the young adult – our favorite video is the one where she highlights the differentiations of the French spoken in France to that spoken in our home, Quebec.

2) Francais Interactif

Looking for more French resources just like your textbooks but without the cost? Then Francais Interactif is for you. Download and browse through the free online textbook that is Francais Interactif without any hefty costs and avoid all the stress on how to go about your next class lesson.

3) Dan Rock

Meet Dan Rock, an American living and experiencing everyday life in France. A majority of his Youtube channel focuses on the cultural differences between the United States and France; from food, human interactions and even music. Rock’s observational comedy is both funny and educational for those wanting to know what to expect before flying overseas to France.

4) TV5Monde

When learning French – it is often suggested to watch TV in French in order to pick up and improve your language skills. However, sometimes the shows students are interested in feature a more advanced French speaking monologue along with sayings they’re not familiar with. TV5Monde mixes both education and television together while classifying their content into 4 different levels: beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced. Each level introduces a different genre of television to the audience, from beginner offering mini series involving grammar and pronunciation leading to advanced which includes full length interviews and documentaries.

5) French Corner Bistro

An interactive and animated series featuring French lessons for beginners; French Corner Bistro teaches everyday words and expressions to use in the classroom, at a restaurant or when buying something at the store. What makes this channel great for all those starting to learn French is how it asks listeners to repeat the words back out loud, rather than just in their head.

6) Talk in French

Talk in French promises to teach French in the least boring way possible – and we can’t disagree! The website offers an extensive library of various resources on vocabulary, grammar and fun different ways to teach and learn French. From the French culture, pop culture, history and fun facts, Talk in French has more than enough resources to bring out the fun that exists in learning French.

7) French Crazy

French Crazy offers students and teachers an educational inside scoop on the French lifestyle, culture and tips to transform into the everyday Parisian. If you’re planning your next trip to France sometime soon, French Crazy can help you transform into the everyday Parisian without sticking out like the true tourist you are.

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