For some of us, the chance to travel may not come along too often.  It is only natural then, that when we get the opportunity we want to do as much as we can! This feeling is amplified as teachers when it’s on behalf of our students. Unfortunately, if the price tag isn’t right, they might not be able to travel at all. What if we were to tell you that using the tips below is not only helpful in terms of budget, but can also make the experience more enjoyable as well.

Quality of Activities over Quantity

Perhaps your school wants to combine the French and Spanish classes to do a combo France-Spain trip. Great! The thing to remember is that the group will probably only have a short time in major cities like Paris, Madrid, or Barcelona, and trying to see ALL the highlights is not possible. Major sites require large pieces of time, especially when it’s a group. Our advice? Pick no more than one or two main attractions per day, followed by lighter touring. This allows your students to fully take in what they’re seeing. They’re in Europe! It’s good for them to soak it in.

Less in-Destination Transit

Countries can vary greatly from city to city, and we want our students to get the most out of their visit. On paper, getting to see all of Spain in the span of a week looks great! What the itinerary doesn’t show though, is how exhausting it is to change cities every night. Students must re-pack their luggage, check-out, gather outside, hop on a bus, drive to the new destination, check-in, and unpack, every-single-night. It also cuts into time for activities, and not to mention their opportunity to appreciate the city they’re already in.

Timing of the Trip

This is the toughest one because it is the furthest from our control. However, if it is in any way possible, find a time to go when it is low-season in that destination. The more you can have the country all to yourself the better.

The Path Less Traveled

It’s only natural to want the must-see attractions loaded onto your itinerary. What’s Paris without the Eiffel Tower, Italy without the Colosseum, or Greece without the Parthenon? While understandable, consider picking fewer of these, and more off-the beaten sites and activities. Most of the time the less-flashy on paper activities turn out to be the best ones on site! They’re not too packed, the students get a unique experience out of it, and it’s also usually very authentic. Just imagine only going to the major tourist attractions in your home country, you would be missing out on so much! Don’t be afraid to ask your Prométour Tour Consultant for their suggestions.

Planning in Advance

Last-minute trips cause headaches, stress, and money! Perhaps last-minute getaways can be exciting for single travelers, however the same cannot be said for student groups. Help Prométour help you to create the best student trip by finalizing the details of your trip early on. This way, students also get the opportunity to pay in smaller installments over a longer period of time.

Final Thoughts

These are all of our tips on the greatest ways to not only provide the best experience possible for your students, but also to significantly lower the cost. The good news is that even if students don’t get to see everything the first time around, travel inspires more travel. Since their first trip was so amazing, they will be pumped to save up money for a future trip. Voilà! You’ve created future citizens of the world!