We know that it's really never a bad idea to go to France. However, we decided to make a list of other destinations where you can experience authentic French culture with some being a little closer to home and those you didn't even think had any French influence.

Here are another 6 Places You Need to Visit that are Rich in French Culture outside of France.


1) Québec, Canada

Famously known as the Europe of Canada; Québec is a great place to experience authentic French culture. Rich in French history; Québec's architecture, cuisine and way of life is heavily influenced by les français. The official language of the province is French and its two biggest cities; Montréal and Québec City, have a lot to offer when looking for a French experience. While Montréal features a fundamental port and beautiful district known as the Vieux-Port, Quebéc City features even more of a European flair and holds the title for the only fortified city in North America; famously known as the Plains of Abraham (also a UNESCO World Heritage site). Overall, Québec is a great alternative to immerse yourself in French culture for those on a tighter budget and looking for something not too far from home.


2) Martinique

In the Caribbean, you can find a small French island known as Martinique. Although far from the motherland, Martinique has a strong French influence which blends perfectly with the Caribbean culture. All Martinique inhabitants are French citizens with both political and legal rights of France. The official language of the island is French and the island's way of life is very similar to that in France with shorter work days and of course; that leisure 'laissez-faire' way of life which is pretty inevitable when you're surrounded by turquoise waters and palm trees. Today, Martinique is the go-to vacation spot for French travellers and those budget-conscious travellers looking for a tropical French experience.

3) New Orleans, Louisiana

French-speaking communities first started popping up in The United States when French Acadians were forced out of Canada; then settling in New England and Louisiana. It was in 1605 that, René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, established the first French colony in Louisiana. The French influence in New Orleans still thrives today; making it another great city for many to experience French culture. Their one of a kind cuisine mixes African, Spanish, Creole and Cajun touch so well that; New Orleans is considered home to some of the most decadent and unique dishes in the world. With some street names written in French and 7% of the population being French speakers; the real cultural highlight is the French Quarter which is truly one of a kind.

4) Morocco

Although independent for over 50 years now, Morocco was once protected and controlled by France during the 1900's. Today, the French influence is still alive as the second most spoken language, after Arabic; is French. The French language is most commonly spoken throughout a majority of the country's media like television broadcasts, newspapers etc. While their cuisine meticulously bases itself on North African roots; there are subtleties of French influences as well.


5) Vietnam

In the 17th century, French Roman Catholic missionaries arrived in Vietnam to convert a majority of the population to Catholicism. Even after being forced to exile the country, 6% of the Vietnamese population still remains to be Catholic and the French influence stretched across more than just the country's religion. The French had a big impact on the Vietnamese language and had a helping in hand in how it's spoken and written today. When first created, Vietnamese alphabets were based on Chinese scripts. Once the French arrived; Vietnamese was changed to be written in Latin alphabets instead of symbols and accents to emphasize different pronunciations. Because of this change - Vietnamese remains to be one of the easiest Asian dialects to pick up for Westerners and others who aren't part of the region in comparison to other Asian languages.

6) France

(of course!)

Saving the best for last - France is definitely the place to be to experience the most authentic French experience. From the North to South of France; there is something for absolutely everyone to enjoy and adore. From fresh florals, historic sites, rich dishes, and incredible landscapes - If you fall in love and never want to return home well; don't say we didn't warn you!