Infatuation is inevitable while travelling throughout Europe. From rich culture to powerful history and stunning artworks; there is much to sightsee and experience in every European country's unique vibe. Germany and Austria play significant roles in contributing to these three drawing elements of Europe.

Known as Europe's powerful economic leader, Germany's dark history of division and conflict deeply contrasts present Germany and its people's devotion to let time heal and hard work to continue looking forward. Bordering Germany, you will find the magical and charming country of Austria. Home to many fundamental artists; Austria is the place for art lovers with an ear for classical musical, an eye for lush palaces and taste for decadent treats. Travelling to Germany and Austria does not have to be all about strolling through castles, embellished museums or haunting memorials - visiting these countries can be exciting and interactive with the right activities. German and Austria cities are vibrant and to fully experience their authentic and very different vibes; we decided to show you the unique activities you can choose to include on an educational tour to make your trip to Germany and Austria that much more special and memorable - while still being educational, of course!


1) Take a Bike Ride Tour in Munich

Cycling is a popular method of transportation in European cities and Munich is no different. Opting in for a guided bike tour rather than a walking tour adds for elements of adventure and fun. Biking from sight to sight and parking to listen to the story of Munich's past and present from your local guide makes for quite an experience. Munich is home to many wide open spaces like peaceful parks, busy plazas, and medieval alleyways that all have a special story to tell - so why not take advantage of the space that welcomes all cyclists alike. Another great reason to bike around the popular city is how you can see much more of Munich than you can if you walk.


2) Enjoy a boat ride on the Spree River in Berlin

When visiting Germany's capital city, one of the most exhilarating ways to experience Berlin is by taking a boat ride on the Spree River. The famous waterway throughout Berlin offers a great view on the city's fantastic monuments and landmarks as well as an opportunity to see, once known as East Berlin, stand with West Berlin; together in harmony after a dark century of division. The juxtaposing architectural styles evidently highlight which half of Berlin was Soviet-run, and which was capitalist. Floating down the once fatal water barrier for those who risked crossing the Wall and fleeing from the East; the Spree River is now a peaceful and hot spot for every traveler. Just like cycling throughout the city of Munich, this magical boat ride offers you more to see compared to a walking tour. Under the beautiful blue skies, beaming sun with the crisp water's breeze refreshing your face; the Spree River boat ride will give you a taste of the vivacious city that is Berlin.

BMW Germany

3) Feast your eyes at the incredible BMW Factory in Munich

Home to the automobile industry, the BMW Factory is an absolute must when in Munich. With over 125 exhibits and at 100 years strong, travelers are invited to take a look at the extravagant company's past, present, and future innovations. The BMW Factory is a great exhibition for those interested in engineering, automobiles, business, and luxury. Founded in 1916, see how the BMW brand started and has exponentially grown worldwide ever since. After that, see first hand in the BMW plant and welting sections how much precision, as well as passion, goes into developing the sports cars we've grown to admire today. A select number of guided tours also include a part dedicated to customer satisfaction, loyalty and how BMW continuously works to improve their product influenced by customer feedback.

4) Roll up your sleeves for a cooking class in Salzburg

Trust us when we say that; a hands-on workshop and activity is always more impactful and fun than an exhibit. Learn how to make classic Austrian dishes in the quaint city of Salzburg from apple strudel to the very famous Salzburg dessert called Mozartkugel, Mozart balls. The birthplace of the talented Mozart, the round confection treat named after him consists of marzipan, nougat, and dark chocolate. Learn how to make these Salzburg world-renowned treats along with other Austrian delights and pay attention so you can impress everyone back home. Besides, when the day comes where you long for a warm and flaky apple strudel or sweet Mozart ball; you'll know exactly how to make it.

National Marionette Theatre in Prague

5) Attend a puppet show at the world-famous National Marionette Theatre in Prague

Although we didn't mention it at the beginning of the blog, we decided to throw in Prague as it's a city you can definitely fit into one of our educational tours. The wonderful city of Prague is home to world's largest theatre organization that is recognized as a UNESCO site. Since 1991, the now protected theatre centre core is home to the Czech puppetry art scene with marionette shows held for children and adults alike. It stands as one of the most successful marionette theatres and shows that has continued on strong for over 20 years; inviting travelers from around the globe as well as lovers of theatre and the arts every year.

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