Meet Chantal, an Accounting Agent working at Prometour since May, 2014. Curious by nature, Chantal loves pursing her many interests and hobbies and travelling the world. With such a zest for life, Chantal is always up for adventure and is a fun and outgoing member of the Prometour family!    

Tell us about yourself!

Born and raised in Montreal, I am the oldest of two girls.  In my younger years I did folk dances from around the world, played different musical instruments and was in scouting. I graduated college in Tourism in 1988. Since high school I knew that I wanted to work in the travel field.  I got the opportunity to live in France for 2 years with my husband and our two children from 2004 to 2006. My children were 9 and 7 years old at the beginning of our nicest experience.  As a curious person, my interests are endless but I love nature, people, animals (2 members of my family), food, comedy, history, documentaries, anthropology, music, etc….

Chantal with her grandmother in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

What made you apply to Prometour?

In addition to my 10 years in the travel industry I studied and worked in the accounting field.  I have been able to combine these 2 fields for the past 4 years at my job at Prometour. After returning from France I was searching for a permanent job in travel.  After several years working 1-year contracts life finally brought me to Prometour!

What are the top destinations you’ve visited and which was your favourite?

I have to mention France, obviously.  A real-life experience with my little family, even my mom and grandmother (who was 80 years old at the time-her 1st time in Europe) came to visit us and made it wonderful.

But I also have to say Costa Rica-all that I’ve ever dreamed of seeing.  All the things I experienced: animals (ahhh the sloth, so cute, endearing), vegetation, coffee plantation, cheese, new experiences (ziplining, volcano), zoo, beach. The environment is the Costa Ricans’ heart & soul.

I have traveled a lot in 30 years so it is hard to choose a specific place because of all the encounters I have had and all the scenery the world has to offer – sooooo beautiful.

Chantal visiting Costa Rica

What was the craziest thing that has ever happened to you while traveling?

A lot has happened through it all.  We never got lost in France as I am the best co-pilot as my husband says!!! IT’S TRUE !!!  My husband and I were the translators during a wedding in Jamaica and were asked to be the witnesses (the couple didn’t speak English – they were a nurse and a doctor from northern Quebec who wanted to adopt a child. We only met them at the hotel!).

Chantal acting as a witness at a stranger’s wedding in Jamaica!

What destinations are on your bucket list and why?

Scotland (Yes, I am a big fan of Outlander)- so much history, so beautiful.

Sweden-Finland-Norway- a lot to learn down there.

Australia, Africa,

South America…what’s left? Lol

Which Prometour Tour would you travel on?

Certainly China. I didn’t mention it before ??

What’s one thing you wish you could tell educators that want to plan a student trip?

I am a real witness of how young people travelling can be amazed: they ask, they  see, they share. What a great and magnificent opportunity for you to be the initiator of a part of their own personal experience. To be open to the world, to learn from one and each other.  Teachers make our future.  Your ideal trip-we at Prometour can do it.  Everything is possible to reach the goal of a better world.

Chantal in Jamaica

When did you catch the travel bug?

I think it is when I was around 7 years old.  There was a TV show in the 70’s that was hosted by a well-known travel agent at the time. I was watching it religiously every weekend.  For some reason I can’t define, it caught my attention from the images and the way the host would talk about each country. I guess it got to me.

Chantal in front of Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium

-Chantal Poirier – Accountant

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