Beloved by fans around the world, Cirque du Soleil’s iconic Alegría returns to the stage in 2019 to share its timeless story once more.

Since it premiered in April 1994, it has been performed well over 5,000 times and has brought laughter, wonder, and life-lasting memories to over 14 million spectators in more than 250 cities around the world.

It’s hard to imagine a more, awe-inspiring act to come from the Quebec-based performance troupe’s fifth incarnation. Alegria, which takes its name from the Spanish word for “joy” truly stands apart, as it seems to be an homage to the humble beginnings of travelling circus acts. It has many of the same joyful themes found in other Cirque shows; gorgeous brightly coloured costuming (by Dominique Lemieux), stunning original choreography, a breathtaking score (courtesy René Dupéré), and colorful cast of quirky, eccentric characters – yet if you ask anyone who’s seen the show, they will most likely tell you Alegría might be their very best show yet!

If you are planning a trip to Quebec with Prometour next year, be sure to ask one of our tour consultants for more information. It is one of Cirque du Soleil’s most popular touring shows and a must-see attraction if you are visiting the Belle Province with your students. Who wouldn’t be captivated by the trailblazing trapeze artists, or even the antics of the clown?