Connecting Classrooms is an interactive exchange program between students, that we offer to teachers who are seeking a virtual exchange for their students who are unable to travel.

Through this program, we introduce your classroom to a similar classroom in Spain or France with whom your students will engage through email, digital presentations, Skype chat, or the communication platform of your choice.

As a Connecting Classrooms partner, your school will develop international ties with a school in a different part of the world, while giving your students the invaluable language skills gained by practicing their target language with a native speaker.

Connecting Classrooms is completely free. Visiting your partner school is optional, but not an obligatory component of this project. If travel becomes a possibility in the future, we will help you with the travel arrangements for planning a short-term exchange or visit to your partner school.

Fill out the Connecting Classrooms Request Form. We’ll search through our database for a matching school in Spain or France. Once we find a match, we will connect you with the collaborating teacher at your partner school. You and your collaborating teacher will decide the communication mode and activities that will be most beneficial and engaging for your students.

On the Request Form, we´ll ask you about your preferred contact frequency, type of collaboration (student-to-student vs. classroom-to-classroom), communication mode (real-time connection vs. digital sharing), and format (in-class vs. out-of-class) to find you the best match.

Please note: We are currently at capacity and are only accepting requests from schools to be matched for the 2018-19 school year.

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