Dear Prométour: My successful trip of the vibrant Québec


Read about one of our group leader’s first student trip to Québec with French and music students; that was nothing short from unforgettable.


Dear Prometour…

I’m a seasoned traveler. I love traveling and feel everyone should leave their home country at least once to help them think globally.

But having never taken students out of the country before, I was a bit nervous going to Québec. In fact, at one point when our numbers dipped to a low point, I considered canceling. Boy, am I glad I didn’t! 

Our trip with Prométour is the best trip I’ve ever been on. Jennifer and Maria helped customize our trip so that both music and French students could have unique experiences.

The balance between all the activities was perfect: educational, entertaining, enjoyable, and just the right amount of margin to give it all a relaxed, unstressed feel.

They made the trip so easy – taking care of all the details for meals, hotels, activities, guides, bus, etc. not to mention all the pre-trip preparations. Our group experiences were diverse: culture, language, history, music, and cuisine. And all at a relaxed pace.

We loved it all! I can’t think of anything I’d change…

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A pleasant surprise from the trip was the bonding that took place among the students, and the fire it lit under them for language learning. In regards to preparations, I wish I had done a better job of recruiting students. I feel like so many students missed out. But having done one trip, I think I now have a better idea of how to build enthusiasm. Plus we have some amazing student testimonials we can put to good use.

Thanks so much for all you did for us behind the scenes. This was by far the best ever school trip I’ve been on. And many of the students feel the same way.

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Next year, we are thinking about Europe!


Carroll, Portsmouth Christian Academy

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