Experience UK & Irish Culture

Similar but different is the best way to describe these two exciting cultures. Take your students on the authentic English experience of a lifetime when you visit the UK & Ireland.

Rich in World History

From centuries of Celtic, Roman and Viking invasion to the spread of Christianity and the rise of the English empire, there are a ton of exciting events that shaped Britain and Ireland we know today. Come and see for yourself!

Unique Landmarks & Monuments

Come and see the United Kingdom’s renown sites like Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London or head over to Ireland and visit the Old Library and the famous Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Wherever you turn, unique landmarks & monuments await!

Breathtaking Museums & Exhibits

Over two million years of World Civilisation can be witnessed at the British Museum, making for a learning experience like no other. If art & history are part of your curriculum, then the UK & Ireland is a great choice for your next student travel destination!

Download a Guide to the UK & Ireland

A life-changing experience awaits you and your students in Europe.

Whether it’s to immerse yourselves in authentic English culture, visit world-famous sites like Stonehenge and Trafalgar square, or to finally experience the United Kingdom in all its glory— together we can make your dream trip a reality!

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Visit Trinity College
Guided Tour of Dublin
Visit the Waterford Crytal Factory
See the Beautiful Blarney College

Ghost Tour of Edinburgh
Visit the Sterling Palace
Explore the Magical Belfast Castle
Visit Kilmainham Gaol

Ghost Tour of Edinburgh
Visit the Stirling Palace
Explore Magical Belfast Castle
Visit Kilmainham Gaol

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