Your role as group leader

Your Role as a Group Leader


The success and overall enjoyment of the tour is in the hands of your Prométour Tour Director (guide) and you as Group Leader. We strongly believe that the greater the communication and interaction you have with your Prométour Tour Director, the smoother the tour will run.

As Group Leader, you already provide supervision and counselling to your participants. You achieve this by assuming basic responsibility for the following: preparing the group for the trip, providing supervision and assistance while on tour and handling emergency situations.


Our priority is to take care of every single detail to make your trip a success. Your role is to supervise behaviour, ensure the well-being of participants and set an example for the group. That means giving your participants daily cues on how to react to their new environment and learn from it. Although frustrating experiences sometimes occur while travelling, they need not prevent your group members from having the time of their lives. By putting a positive spin on things and meeting frustration with humour, you can turn minor delays and mishaps into unforgettable experiences.


Your Prométour Tour Director will report any infractions to you and will intervene in case of an emergency. However, as Group Leader, you are the one directly responsible for your group.

Most importantly, enjoy the adventure!

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