Group Trip Sanitary Plan

What sanitary measures are in place when travelling on a Prométour trip?

At Prométour, your health and safety are of the utmost importance. All measures put in place in this Sanitary Plan are in conjunction with public health authorities of the destination and we can assure you that we will follow all their safety directives.


There is nothing more exciting than the days before departing on a trip. You are mentally packing and dreaming of all the exciting things that you will experience, but there are also a few very important things that you need to remember to do.

First, look for emails from Prométour in the days leading up to your departure. These emails are just a check-in to make sure that you are in good health and are not feeling any symptoms that could affect travel. If you are feeling any symptoms, please make sure to contact us as soon as possible.

Second, look up your destination’s COVID-19 regulations for foreigners. Your group leader will have already received this information from your Prométour Tour Project Manager. It is always good for you to also be familiar with this information, and be aware of any updates. You can expect that authorities of some countries will require you to complete a travel form, provide a medical certificate, or maybe even a recent negative COVID-19 test.

Finally, ensure that you have packed extra hand sanitizer and face-coverings.


Airlines have implemented new health and safety procedures to provide the most enjoyable journey for their passengers.

Before boarding the flight, some airlines require passengers to have a temperature check, in addition to answering general health questions. This is for peace of mind that everyone on the same flight is not showing signs of fever, a common symptom of COVID-19. It is important to note that you must provide the airline with a medical certificate to support your condition if you have a fever that is unrelated to COVID-19.

Passengers are required to wear a face-covering during the flight. Some airlines are providing complimentary sanitary kits that include a mask, sanitizer, and gloves.

Additional procedures include:

  • Contact-free check-in process.
  • Improved air filtration and circulation systems.
  • Upgraded cleaning methods and disinfection of high-touch points in the airplane, including electrostatic spraying using high-grade disinfectants, as well as in-flight cleaning of the lavatories.
  • The food and beverage service may be suspended depending on the airline and its policies.
  • Removal of all non-essential materials like inflight magazines.

To find out more about an airline’s specific measures, we invite you to visit their websites. These are Prométour’s preferred airline partners:

AIR CANADA: Clean Care +

DELTA: Delta CareStandard

AIR FRANCE: Air France Protect


ou can rest assured that you will have a private motor coach assigned to your group for the duration of your trip. To ensure your comfort and safety while traveling by motor coach, we ask you to follow these directives:

Your Tour Director and driver will designate a location for you to place your luggage. Proceed, while socially distancing, to drop off and pick-up your luggage. Your luggage will be placed in a designated compartment and will be loaded and unloaded by your driver.

A face-covering is mandatory before boarding, and at all times while on the motor coach. Use the complimentary hand sanitizer provided at the front of the bus each time you enter and exit.

The consumption of food and beverages (except water) is prohibited, and the motor coach lavatory will be closed off and cannot be used

Your motor coach will be at half the capacity, and in some motor coaches, the blocking of adjacent seats or physical barriers will be installed. This is to ensure safety and to abide by social distancing guidelines throughout the journey. Choose your seat wisely because this will be your assigned seat for the duration of the tour.

You are asked to remain seated unless necessary. Your Tour Director will give instructions on how to disembark from the motor coach to ensure social distance guidelines are met. Make sure to take all personal belongings so that high-touch surfaces can be disinfected.

Additional measures that Prométour and its ground transportation partners are doing to ensure health & safety throughout your journey are:

  • Your driver has received awareness training for cleanliness procedures and preventative hygiene practices.
  • Your driver is required to wear a face-covering
  • Your motor coach will receive a complete cleaning using high-grade sanitizers before your trip.
  • Frequent disinfectant spot cleaning of high-touch surfaces will occur throughout the day.


Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by one of our amazing Tour Directors. All our Tour Directors have been given clear guidelines on COVID-19 prevention methods and protocols. They are required to wear a face-covering and must abide by social distancing guidelines. They will provide all on-trip instructions and are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Upon arrival at the hotel, we ask you to remain on the motor coach while your Tour Director goes inside to check-in the group. They will return to the motor coach and distribute room keys. Your Tour Director will advise how many elevators are available and how many people they can accommodate. Collect your luggage and go straight to your room.

Cleaning protocols differ from one hotel to the next however Prométour’s main partners have adopted measures based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control. These measures include but are not limited to:

  • Regular disinfection of high-touch points throughout the lobby and public spaces.
  • Streamlined check-in/out procedures.
  • Sanitizing stations throughout the hotel.
  • Removal of unnecessary items from the room such as decorative pillows, note pads, pens, etc..

To find out more about a hotel’s specific measures, we invite you to visit their websites. These are Prométour’s preferred hotel partners:


HILTON: CleanStay

MARRIOT: Commitment to Clean

HOLIDAY INN: Clean Promise


We want to ensure that there is plenty of time for health & safety measures, so expect the pace of your day to be slower than usual.

Each morning onboard your private motor coach, your Tour Director will go over the day’s events and activities. When you arrive at an activity, sit back and relax while your Tour Director runs inside to ensure that your activity or visit is ready to begin and will collect all admission tickets. There will be time before and after each activity to wash and sanitise your hands.


Upon arrival at the restaurant, remain seated on the motor coach while your Tour Director enters the restaurant to ensure that the staff is ready to receive you and that your tables are prepared and properly isolated.

A face-covering is mandatory when entering the restaurant and must remain on unless you are seated at the table.

Prométour’s restaurant partners have implemented the following protocols to ensure health and safety during your dining experience:

  • Reduced seating capacity to allow for social distancing between tables.
  • Staff has received awareness training for cleanliness procedures and preventative hygiene practices.
  • Staff is required to wear a face-covering.
  • Self-serve food and drink options like buffets and soda bars are not available.
  • Tips for restaurant staff are included.


When planning your trip, we strongly recommend that you discuss including the tips for your Tour Director, bus driver, and local guides in your tour cost. Prométour will take care of passing along the money to the right people for you. This is just one more simple way of reducing the risk of transmission by eliminating the exchange of cash. If not, we ask that you collect the money and place it in an envelope before passing it along to the Tour Director, Bus Driver, or local guide.


It is everyone’s responsibility to do their part in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. It is now up to you to follow the rules set by local health authorities in your destination. Please make sure that you are well prepared before your departure by looking up the local laws and regulations. Your Tour Director will be available to answer questions or any concerns you may have, but we ask you to follow their directives when it comes to procedures and regulations while in the destination. No matter where you are travelling, be sure to wash and sanitize your hands often, keep your social distance, and wear your face-covering whenever social distancing is not possible.


Prométour has a long-standing commitment to providing our groups with the safest means of travel. We will only work with partners that can abide by these cleanliness standards and can give us the same commitment we are giving you. As we navigate towards a new normal, the measures outlined in this Sanitary Plan will be adapted and evolve as we continue to seek advice and consult with government public health and other medical authorities. We will strive to provide you with the most up to date and innovative way to travel and experience the world.

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