Happy Thanksgiving from Prométour Educational Tours

While Canadian Thanksgiving has passed, American Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Here in our Canadian office we have a large American clientele, and so we like to join in on the fun and have a Prométour Thanksgiving potluck. Each year staff is invited to bring in one of their signature dishes; bonus points if it is something unique to their cultural background! In that spirit, this year we thought we’d go a step further and share some of our thoughts, feelings, and traditions surrounding Thanksgiving.

1. What are you thankful for?


I am most thankful for my health, and the health of all my loved ones. That is the number one most important thing! – Maria Konstas: Tour Project Manager and Clients Loyalty Supervisor 


I am thankful for my beautiful and healthy daughter. – Andréanne Laflamme: Tour Project Manager


I am thankful for the life that I am able to follow; family in good health, a good job, time to travel, great friends to have fun with. – Jennifer Page: Senior Tour Consultant

2.How does your family like to celebrate Thanksgiving?


My mom likes to cook an extravagant Thanksgiving that consists of American dishes as well as some Portuguese dishes. The family then all comes over and we enjoy each other’s company. We eat, drink and watch some football! – Diane Duarte: Customer Support Coordinator (and American in the office!)


For Thanksgiving my family likes to get together and eat many different types of traditional dishes including Turkey. After stuffing our faces, I usually go around to each of my relatives and let them pick a holiday card. Inside each card, I write down the name of another family member. Once we have all received a card, we must write what about that person we are thankful for. – Michaela Mazzotta: Group Coordinator


We use to go to the chalet every year before closing it.  And we gather to have a nice meal, and sharing memories of the past summer. – Chantal Poirier: Accountant


We do not celebrate Thanksgiving, we just buy the turkey because it’s on sale. – Maria Konstas: Tour Project Manager and Clients Loyalty Supervisor

3. How do you think American and Canadian Thanksgiving differ?


I have no idea. –  Maria Konstas: Tour Project Manager and Clients Loyalty Supervisor 


Less Football! –  Jennifer Page: Senior Tour Consultant



4. How does travel make you a more thankful person?


I try to avoid the overly tourist-y parts of travel as much as I can and explore more authentic sites. Travel is a way of stepping out of my comfort zone at home and learning about other cultures (even if it’s just a town near to mine), other ways of doing things and, in nature, reflecting on myself and my environment. To take time away from the things I’m used to and am comfortable with makes me appreciate them more as well as discovering things I rarely get to experience. – Jeremy Disnard: Head of Operations Support


Travel allows me to appreciate what I have, inspires me to do better, and encourages me to try new things – Jennifer Page: Senior Tour Consultant


It was when my grand mother use to received us my family and my uncle family (8 peoples) in a 3 ½ apartment, it was tight but we had fun as kids. – Chantal Poirier: Accountant


Traveling makes me appreciate the amenities that I often take for granted back home.  When I went to Haiti, I realized how much I depended on electricity and running water.  There is nothing I appreciate more than sleeping in my own bed after a long trip. – Andréanne Laflamme: Tour Project Manager


5. Where does Thanksgiving rank on your list of favorite holidays?


I was born around Canadian thanksgiving time so the holiday means something extra to me. I’d say it’s definitely top three for me, not only for that, but also because it brings people together and it’s a nice way to celebrate the Autumn season. – Jeremy Disnard: Head of Operations Support


After my birthday but before Christmas. – Chantal Poirier: Accountant


Less than Christmas, more than Groundhog Day. – Jennifer Page: Senior Tour Consultant



There you have it folks! Family, friends, health, and good serving of humour – that’s what we here at the Prométour office like to enjoy during this time of the year – and we wish all of those things for you and your family! Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! Like and share this blog, and don’t forget to comment below about your thoughts on Thanksgiving.