Language Immersion Exchange
Col.Legi Sagrada Da Familia, Sant Andreu

Learning a foreign language in an immersive setting differs greatly from traditional language instruction in the classroom. Through interpersonal interactions rather than rules of grammar, immersion is a more intuitive and effective way to truly understand and appreciate another culture, and learn another native tongue. Prometour’s Spanish Language Immersion Program connects students with the well-renowned school, Col.legi Sagrada Familia in beautiful Barcelona Spain. All of our programs are individually designed to meet the group’s goals, interests, and curriculum.

 Why Study At Col.legi Sagrada Familia?

  • Founded over 125 years ago by the Board of the Asylum House Sant Andreu de Palomar, under the teaching of the Religious of the Sacred Family of Urgell, Col.legi Sagrada Familia is defined as a Christian school.
  • 80 teachers, 6 administrative staff members and an enrolment of 1022 students from early childhood education to high school.
  • The school and its members open their homes and classrooms to students from all over the world. While offering foreigners a true insight to the culture, community, lifestyle, and language, the local students also gain international exposure from the numerous visitors that they welcome annually.
  • Each student will conduct a Placement test in order to receive the appropriate lesson plan.
  • Instruction is entirely in Spanish using the Communicative Method, which emphasizes conversation while introducing Spanish grammar to students little by little.
  • Students receive a certificate upon completing the course.
  • Located 7km North-West of Barcelona’s city centre and easily accessible by bus and metro.

Why Study Spanish in Barcelona?

  • Barcelona is one of the most popular university destinations chosen by students throughout the world due to its academic excellence, location, and vision of the future. Students from abroad make up 11.4% of the city’s academic community in Barcelona’s numerous faculties.
  • Located on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is a thriving, cosmopolitan city rich in history and architecture.
  • Most people who live in Barcelona are bilingual, speaking Spanish and Catalan – which is also an official language and offers a unique way of life.
  • In addition, you can feel reassured that because Prométour has a local office in Spain we are always available to assist with any requirements the group may have and will maintain close contact throughout the entire stay.