Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

Learning another language can sometimes be challenging and it can be difficult to encourage students to practice a second language throughout the entire duration of Spanish class. However, have you ever thought about immersing your students in a Spanish environment outside of the classroom and in Costa Rica? We asked Annie, a Spanish teacher who has traveled to Costa Rica with us, to share her experiences.

“Any time you step out of the classroom, it’s a learning experience and it’s longer-lasting. The advantage for my Spanish students on the trip was that they were in an environment where they were encouraged to practice their Spanish. In some parts off of the resort, the locals spoke little English so when ordering food or buying souvenirs; it pushed my students to speak Spanish.”Annie


The beautiful country of Costa Rica is a locally knit community that offers a warm welcome and nothing but kindness to all of its tourists. Students new to traveling experience less of a culture shock throughout Costa Rica as many locals are encouraging to new Spanish speakers and always enthusiastic to interact with foreigners.

 “The Costa Rican people are what really make the trip. Our tour guide Carlos is amazing; he’s always gone out of his way to make our experience special. I wouldn’t trade this tour guide for the world, he once bought a birthday cake and decorated the bus for one of our students to celebrate on the trip.”

Exclusive to Prometour, El Rancho is a small family-run lodge that offers courses in cooking, dancing and of course Spanish. In a small, safe town; El Rancho is surrounded by nature’s most beautiful greens and floral hues that leaves you with peace of mind as soon as you arrive. Just a few minutes away by foot, host-family opportunities are available if you and your students would like to take immersion a step further. Choosing to stay with a host-family is a great way to integrate into the community, learn more about the Costa Rican culture and strengthen those Spanish speaking skills.  

“El Rancho has always treated us like family and as the center of attention which is very reassuring for the students. The accommodations and features of El Rancho have always met my standards and especially those of the parents.”

Traveling to Costa Rica with your Spanish students will not only improve your student’s language skills but also enlighten them of the country’s rich biodiversity and adventure filled activities. Pura vida!