Montreal Indoor Skating with Prométour

With the oldest pair of skates found at the bottom of a lake in Switzerland (a pair dating back to about 3000 B.C.), historians generally agree that ice skating originated in Ancient Europe. In fact, skates were originally made from the shank or rib bones of elk and caribou and the word “skate” likely derives from the early German word schake, meaning shank. But while skating has long deep roots connected to Europe, here in Canada, ice skating is a popular social activity which anyone can enjoy on those beautiful winter days – especially here in the city of Montreal.

It’s no secret Canada is known for its winter sports and for over one hundred years, Montreal’s heart has been beating to the rhythm of hockey. Every year, fans fill the seats of the Montreal Bell Center, listen to the game on the radio, or gather in front of the TV screen to support their favourite team. Of course, it helps that the city is represented by the oldest and most legendary team in the league, the Montréal Canadiens, but when there isn’t a game on to watch, we Montrealers love to strap on our skates and breathe deeply while gliding across one of Quebec’s many ice rinks. Whether it’s a game of hockey with friends, a family outing or even a school trip, skating on frozen rivers and icy lakes is one of the best ways to appreciate the winter season – and one of our favourite activities to organize with teachers and students visiting Quebec.

The city of Montreal sets up numerous outdoor skating rinks across town and depending on the weather, rinks are generally constructed starting mid-December (though some a bit earlier), and last until mid-March. Many rinks provide skate rentals and blade sharpening services, others have like disk jockeys spinning popular tunes and some host various festivities year round. But of all the hundreds of rinks spread out across the city, perhaps our favorite is Atrium Le 1000.

Bone-chilling temperatures inspire some of the liveliest festivities in Canada, making winter an excellent time to travel the country, but not everyone is a fan of the cold weather which is why we recently took a group of students from Bronxville Middle School to Atrium le 1000, a popular hot spot for those looking to skate in more comfortable conditions. Located on the main floor of the city’s tallest building, Atrium le 1000 is an indoor skating rink found beneath a giant glass dome that lets visitors experience the joys of ice skating while moving to live music in a spectacular décor.

The Atrium Le 1000 stands tall amongst its competitors and there really is no better way to skate when visiting Quebec. Inaugurated in 1992, the rink is located smack-dab in the heart of downtown Montreal and offers a number of activities, a skate rental service, and a warm ambiance with the sun rays shining from the ceiling above, making it a perfect stop during your next school trip.

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