North America’s One and Only Ice Hotel

There’s always that misconception that Canadians finish their sentences with “Eh” and live in igloos. Well, that misconception is only half true. We don’t always end our phrases like such and we definitely don’t live in igloos all year round. However, if given the opportunity to build an entire hotel made of ice and snow and give people the option of staying the night in sub-zero temperatures,  you bet we Canadians would be the ones to offer such amenities

On New Year’s Day of 2001, North America’s first and only true ice hotel was built and displayed in Quebec City.

The Ice Hotel that is built every December and ready for early January, brings over thousands of visitors from all around the world to speculate and experience all of its glory.

The Hôtel de Glace stands for three months strong and is built of ice and snow.

The construction of the hotel calls for fifty men to work throughout the course of a month. Using 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice, the walls of the hotel measure to be four feet thick.

The hotel uses its own mixture of snow to remain unaffected by any humidity; the snow and ice are then applied onto the metal frames of the architectural design and once it hardens, the frames are then removed.

Every year, a new theme and design are created for the Ice Hotel, with the theme being announced in December.

Last year’s theme was Space Time, with artworks which exhibited images of the past, present, and prediction of what the future may look like.

When it first opened, the hotel had 11 double beds all made of ice with a wood base and of course comfortable mattress for those who chose to brave the cold and stay the night.

Today, the Hôtel de Glace holds 51 beds with 44 rooms ranging from regular igloo rooms, themed-suites featuring sculptures and artistic lighting, premium themed suites with fireplaces and deluxe suites that feature a private fireplace and spa.

Last year, the hotel had over a million visitors with 43,000 who opted in for staying the night.

The Ice Hotel holds many more attractions for all ages regardless if you stay the night or not. With two ice bars, an ice café, a jazz suite, a hockey suite, a grand slide and an ice chapel; the Ice Hotel is perfect for both romantic couples and adventurous families. You can even stop by the ice bar to grab a cocktail that’s served in a glass made of ice while dancing to the local DJ set.

The Ice Chapel also hosts weddings and married 275 couples last year alone making it one of the most demanded locations in the world to get married.

For more information, check out the Hôtel de Glace homepage to see all the different packages they offer.

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