Introducing Our Prométour Passports

Prométour Passports

Did you know that France is known as l’hexagone due to its shape? How about that it produces ten billion baguettes each year? Do you know what it means to raconter des salades? A passport is the only universally accepted form of travel, but here at Prométour, our customized passports also put the education in educational tours. We’ve created fun passports to accompany students on their travels. So far, we’re set for France and Quebec, but soon we hope to create these passports for all of our tours! Without further ado, here are some of the cool things you can find in our Prométour passports!

The cover of our Prométour passports are very realistic, and closely mimic a real passport. Look closer though, and you’ll see our Prométour geese on the cover. Geese travel in groups which is why we chose them as our company symbol.

Open your passport to the first page and you will see a map of the destination, along with some interesting facts. Have fun reading them and then dazzle your friends and family at future trivia games!

In the accompanying pages students can learn about famous landmarks, in-destination texting slang, useful phrases, and some great idiomatic expressions. What does it mean to raconter des salades? It means to tell lies!

Some crowd pleasers include the photo scavenger hunt, where students scramble to get some of the best photos they can, as well as a section for their travel memories. We encourage participants on the trip to share these pictures and memories with us. Who knows? Maybe your pictures or travel memories will be featured on our Prométour blog and social media pages!

To do these passports justice, have a look at this video where Prométopian creators Andreanne Laflamme and Anna Loganathan show it to you themselves! Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more of our blogs. We hope to hear from you and your students on your next Prométour adventure!