Reading List – Prométour Staff Picks

Searching for some new and interesting reading material? A few of our staff members have compiled a list of the best books they’ve read over the past year. There’s something for everyone, from Sci-Fi classics and graphic novels to mystery and even children’s books. We hope something on this list sparks your interest!


Chantal – Operations Team, Marketing & Accounting

Book Title: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Author: Yuval Noah Harari

Genre: History, Cultural Evolution, Nonfiction

Year Published: Original Publication, 2011

Description: Sapiens offers a fascinating look at how humans have lived on this earth throughout history up until modern times. Examine institutions such as states, finance, human rights, agriculture, religion, capitalism and more.


Erin – Tour Consultant & Customer Service

Book Title: The Great Believers

Author: Rebecca Makkai

Genre: Fiction

Year Published: 2018

Description: The Great Believers depicts the story of a group of young men during the 1980’s AIDS crisis in Chicago. Throughout the narrative, the author explores the emotional and physical trauma of the disease, more specifically the struggles of the sick and the guilt of the healthy along with the constant threat of a potential infection.

Contains adult themes


Italo – Operations Team, Flight Manager

Book Title: BUG Livre 1

Author: Enki Bilal

Genre: Bande Dessinée, Graphic Novel

Year Published: 2017

Description: If you’re interested in a futuristic read en français, then BUG is a great pick for you. The author describes the world’s digital dependency in the year 2041 in a tale of the disappearance of all digital information from the world. One astronaut, inhabited by an alien, possesses the data and is wanted by states, companies, mafias and other members of the population.


Francesco – Tour Consultant

Book Title: Neuromancer

Author: William Gibson

Genre: Sci-Fi

Year Published: 1984

Description: Far into the future, a gifted hacker has his nervous system damaged by an experimental poison. While wallowing in self pity, a new employer has recruited the hacker to perform a high stakes mission against an artificial intelligence.

Contains adult themes


Book Title: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Author: Philip K. Dick

Genre: Sci-Fi

Year Published: 1968

Description: After a nuclear world war leads to mass extinction, ruined ecosystems and widespread devastation, androids resembling humans and other animals are created and eventually banned by the government for fear of the havoc they may cause. The story follows a bounty hunter tasked with hunting down and killing these androids. This book was the main inspiration for the 1982 film, Blade Runner.


Jennifer – Senior Tour Consultant

Book Title: Revenge of the Lobster Lover

Author: Hilary MacLeod

Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Year Published: 2010

Description: Peek into the life of a small east coast fishing village that has an unusually high number of questionable events and eccentric residents. Enjoy a fun read filled with memorable characters, entertaining side stories, and an unexpected twist!


Michele – GM

Book Title: Norbert’s Little Lessons for a Big Life

Authors: Julie Steines & Virginia Freyermuth. Photography by Mark Steines

Genre: Humor, Children

Year Published: 2017

Description: Join the adorable therapy dog, Norbert, as he shares important life lessons and inspires kindness. This is a great book to share with children. Smiles and a shift in perspective guaranteed! Norbert is also a popular YouTuber, and his adventures can be found on his YouTube Channel.


Book Title: Trust your Eyes

Author: Linwood Barclay

Genre: Thriller

Year Published: 2013

Description: Following the loss of their father, two brothers stumble into a deadly conspiracy. The plot dives into the depths of a dark family secret, while taking the reader on a wild goose chase. It’s a fast-paced read that’s impossible to put down!