A passport is the only reliable & universally accepted travel / identification document available for the purpose of travel.

How do I get a valid passport?

In general, a passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the conclusion of the trip and have at least 3 blank pages. Participants without a passport should apply as soon as possible once the trip has been confirmed.

How to apply for a US passport

How to apply for a Canadian passport

We recommend that participants create 2 photocopies of their passport before departure. One for themselves in case of theft or loss, and the other for their Group Leader.

Do I need a passport to travel between the US and Canada if I am a US or Canadian citizen?

There are some exceptions when a traveller may not need a passport. It is the responsibility of the participant to properly inform themselves on what to bring should they choose not to obtain a valid passport for their trip. For information regarding these exceptions between US and Canadian citizens (or permanent residents) when crossing the US-Canada border, please visit government travel websites.

Canadians travelling to the US

Americans travelling to Canada

How early-on does Prométour need participant passport information?

Prométour requires passport information 3 months prior to departure.

Although you may be able to travel without sharing your passport details, missing passport information on your profile may result in Prométour not being able to book certain activities for you.

Indicating the exact spelling of the participants’ full name, gender and date of birth as it appears or will appear on their passport  is vital. A mistake may result in additional fees.

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