Promoting Your Tour

Promoting the trip is crucial and should be an ongoing process. The more people who know about the trip, the easier & more likely that you’ll be able to succeed!

Here Are a Few Pointers

  • Create a list of potential participants (students, parents, faculty & community members) and collect their e-mails & phone numbers.
  • Include trip information in the school daily announcements, upcoming assemblies or school/local paper.
  • Get your students involved!
    • Have students do a research project on a particular activity or city from the itinerary and present it to the class.
    • Use your students as messengers! Get them to spread the word amongst their friends & fellow students of your upcoming trip!
  • Share a personal story that will help your students relate to travelling on your  trip and the long-term positive impact a school trip can have.
  • Have a participant from a previous trip come and speak to potential participants about their experience. Why not invite them to your information meeting?
Prométour Educational Tours

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