Spain 2018: Living a Life I am Proud of

A Testimonial from a Student who Travelled to Spain

My experience on the Spain trip was nothing short of amazing. Throughout the trip, I saw many beautiful and historical monuments, palaces, and churches that are symbolic to Spain. These places are breathtaking and considering they were built so many centuries ago, miracles. All the places I saw were so grand and decorated beautifully. Park Guell and other homes and building designed by Gaudi have quickly become some of my favorite works of art. I am truly in awe at all Madrid and Barcelona had to offer. It has been an eye-opening experience to see how others live and to realize how big the world is. I had originally viewed this trip as a time to escape the anxiety of everyday life and to be with friends, but it proved itself to be much more than that. While the trip was nothing short of amazing, seeing breath-taking monuments, palaces, castles, and churches, I was able to take the time to discover something much deeper. After being immersed in the rich, fast-paced culture of the Spaniards I found a new appreciation for the world and how much it has to offer. After spending seventeen years in one location, my view on the world was immensely limited. I had been sheltered in a bubble of security for my entire life. Spending a week in a country so vastly different from the United States was both an eye-opening and humbling experience. A very small moment, insignificant to most is what opened my eyes to a new passion of mine. Looking down over Segovia, Spain watching, how everyday citizens of Spain lead their daily lives, made me realize how big the world truly is and how small and insignificant a person can be on a global scale. At the same time, it made me realize the impact one person can make on another. Looking around at the architecture and rolling hills, it dawned on me that human connection is what makes the world such a beautiful and interesting place. It was not the places I went, or things I saw while visiting Spain, it was the people I shared the experience with. I have not stopped laughing since getting dropped off at the Philly Airport. The friends I have made on this trip have the biggest hearts and most outgoing, light-hearted personalities. I am so lucky to be able to experience a new country with them. This trip has been so full of “this is the best day of my life” that I cannot fairly choose one specific day or event that stands above the rest. going to new countries, and being immersed in different worlds and cultures, is far outside of my comfort zone. It’s awesome and I love it, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. One thing I cannot stand is lying in bed at night, thinking “man I really wasted a day today”, not doing anything significant enough that you’ll remember it in a week. The nights I spent laying in a hotel bed in Spain were all filled with a new, better thought. “This will be such a good story when I’m eighty”. How cool is that? Looking back, I will miss this trip and will hold the pure bliss I felt in my soul forever. The city of Toledo and the Sagrada Familia are two of the landmarks we saw that I will remember on a tough day. The weather, food, language, and sights made an ideal setting for a once in a lifetime week. I will cherish the memories made here, for a lifetime.

Morgan Sanderson


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