Sport a Pink Shirt and Take a Stand Against Bullying

Celebrate Pink T-Shirt Day on February 24th

While we often look back on our school days fondly, some of us may be reminded of more difficult times. The unfortunate reality is that many children and teenagers experience bullying while in school. It’s encouraging to see that thousands of students, school staff members and others all around the world have joined together to raise awareness and combat bullying by participating in Pink T-Shirt Day.

The campaign began in 2007 after two Canadian high school students witnessed a particularly difficult instance of bullying. After seeing one of their peers being teased for wearing a pink shirt to school, the boys along with their friends came to school the next day wearing pink tank tops to show solidarity with the boy. Since that day in Nova Scotia, the campaign has expanded exponentially and has raised 2.55 million dollars in support of youth groups throughout 180 countries to date.

There are so many reasons to participate in Pink T-Shirt Day, however, one of our favourites is because it was created by students, for students. Pink T-Shirt Day serves as a remarkable example of the power of youth voices and their ability to initiate change. This type of influence can make real progress in spreading values of kindness and inclusivity in our schools.


Sporting a pink t-shirt on this day is a great way to start making kindness an everyday habit. What ways can you think of to combat bullying? A simple act of kindness can go a long way, and encouraging others to pay it forward as well can really be powerful. Try writing a kind note to a friend, invite a classmate to join you for lunch, or help a friend to learn something new. If you see an act of bullying occur, find a way to help put a stop to it. There are endless ways in which we can collectively address bullying.

We hope you’ll put on a pink t-shirt today, and show your support for this incredible initiative.