The Spookier Side of La Belle Province

Are your students suckers for all things eerie and perhaps a bit frightening? Well so are the citizens of Quebec, from zombie-walks to ghost tours, check out these fun activities for your next visit, alone or with your students during Halloween in Quebec.

Ghost Walk in Montreal

The streets of Old Montreal are chalk-full of history, but when the sun goes down your students can learn all about its ghostlier side. Discover all of the legends, crime-stories, mysteries, and secrets that await you in the dark corners of Quebec’s largest city.

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Murder Mystery Dinner in Old Quebec

Nothing is more mysterious and majestic than the cobbled-stoned streets of Old Quebec, a perfect place to enjoy a murder mystery dinner! Who in your group could be the killer? Let your students find their inner detective in this interactive and exciting thriller dinner.

Halloween Quebec

Montreal Zombie Walk

Montreal is home to the largest zombie walk in Canada! Last year saw 10,000 zombies clamour through the streets of the city. Every October since the zombie walk started back in 2008 has been larger than the last. To be a part of it just come in your best zombie face, and meet everyone at the Place des Festivals.

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Fright by Night at La Ronde

What’s better than a day at the amusement park? How about a night at the amusement park where you can visit haunted houses like ‘‘The Midnight Mansion’’ or ‘‘The Forgotten Laboratory?’’ During this time of the year La Ronde is also crawling with zombies, monsters, and evil clowns. If you’re a fan of thrill rides and goosebumps, then the ‘‘Festival de la Frayeur’’ is definitely for you.


Museum Halloween Events

Who says getting spooked can’t also be educational? Plenty of famous Montreal museums love to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Halloween by putting up special exhibits; Pointe-à-Callière, the Biodome, the Insectarium, and the Stewart Museum, just to name a few. Each exhibit is specially catered to the theme of what they teach, and Halloween. So why not go to the Montreal Botanical Garden with Esmeralda the witch and check out their more than 800 squashes, pumpkins, and gourds.



If your trip to Quebec is in October or November make sure to ask your Prométour tour consultant what spooky activities the two of you can dig-up together involving Halloween in Quebec! Don’t forget to download our FREE Teacher’s Guide to Traveling to Quebec below!


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