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UK History – Romans, Saxons & Vikings Tour

Learn about three different civilizations and their rich history and presence in England throughout time on our Romans, Saxons & Vikings Tour



Board your transatlantic flight and fly through the night to London



Welcome to the United Kingdom! Meet your Prométour Tour Director upon arrival at the airport

Board your bus and transfer to your hotel. While doing so, enjoy a panoramic tour of London; See many sights such as Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Enter the British Library and partake in the Treasures Tour! It focuses on Anglo Saxon texts. Learn about the Magna Carta and significant books, manuscripts and sound recordings

”Londinium” was founded by the Romans in AD 43, but it’s Roman Heritage has been gradually worn away and built over – but traces remain, such as the ancient amphitheater, beneath London’s Guildhall

Dinner at a local restaurant

Overnight accommodation in London



Breakfast at the hotel

Travel to Hastings

Visit Battle Abbey, where, on this spot in the year 1066, the armies of King Harold and William the Conqueror clashed at the Battle of Hastings. Explore abbey ruins and meet the Normans and Saxons

Enjoy lunch on your own

Continue your route to Brighton

Explore the seaside town of Brighton! your own pace! Make sure to stop by the pier, check out the i360 Observation Tower, the Jubilee Clock Tower and the Royal Pavilion

Dinner at a local restaurant

Overnight accommodation in Brighton



Enjoy breakfast at your hotel with your group

Visit Fishbourne Roman Palace – an important seat in Roman Britain, and the largest residential Roman building in Britain, it features spectacular mosaics

Continue to Bath

Enjoy lunch on your own

Discover Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. It has some of the finest architectural and historical treasures of Europe including; a 15th-century Abbey and the stunning Royal Crescent

Visit the Roman Baths and the Pump Room

Dinner at a local restaurant

Overnight accommodation in Bath area



Enjoy breakfast at your hotel

Travel to Wroxeter

At Wroxeter Roman City, discover urban-living 2,000 years ago at Viroconium – once the fourth largest city in Roman Britain. Wander the remains of the bathhouse and explore a reconstructed town house from a city which was almost as large as Pompeii

Enjoy lunch on your own

Visit the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery – the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon metalwork ever discovered

Continue to Chester

Dinner at a local restaurant

Overnight accommodation in Chester



Breakfast at the hotel

Enjoy a guided tour of Roman Chester -And the best way to do so, is with a Roman Centurion in full regalia!

Take some time to explore Chester at your own pace – it is abundant with quirky museums hidden gems waiting to be explored as well as countless stunning gardens

Enjoy lunch on your own

Board your bus and travel to York

Dinner at a local restaurant

Overnight accommodation in York



Breakfast at the hotel

Visit the Jorvik Viking Center – built on an important archaeological site, it offers and immersive Viking experience through sights, sounds and smells

Tour the city of York on during a unique Viking Walk – Learn how the Vikings had huge impact on the city itself

Enjoy lunch on your own

Enter the Yorkshire Museum – Explores how York became England’s second city and how its fortunes rose and fell with its ties to the Crown and the Church.

Dinner at a local restaurant

Overnight accommodation in York



Enjoy breakfast at the hotel with your group

Enter the Durham Cathedral – it has been through a lot of history over the centuries, most notably as a sanctuary for anyone who would come in need of refuge. The cathedral boasts a wonderful; exhibit of the area’s ancient population, with some incredible Viking stonework

Lunch on your own

Travel to Hadrian’s Wall

Discover Hadrian’s Wall – it was a defensive fortification in the Roman Province of Britannia. Its construction begun in AD 122 in the reign of the emperor Hadrian. It is the largest Roman archaeological feature in Britain, it runs a total of 73 miles

Dinner at a local restaurant

Overnight accommodation in York



Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to the Manchester airport

Say a fond Goodbye to your Prométour Tour Director

Board your transatlantic flight from Manchester and fly back to home

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