3 Ways the Destination Impacts the Cost of Your Trip

Why do you want to travel with your students? There are so many reasons. Maybe you want to travel to a particular country to really show them what you have been studying in class. Maybe you want to expose them to the riches of the world in order to inspire them to think big. Maybe you want to give them all the learning opportunities and experiences inherent to travel itself.

You likely want to accomplish all of this when you lead your students on an educational tour. So the first step is to choose the destination. Where will you go? Are you looking at a 4-day jaunt to Quebec City or a 12-day tour of China? Often this will be dictated by your educational goals, but keep in mind that there may be several destinations that would match well with your group. As the destination you choose will impact the price of your tour, you’ll want to choose carefully.

How can you save? Take your French students to Quebec instead of France. Choose a European escapade that includes two or three countries rather than four or five. How exactly does the destination impact the cost of your trip? Read on.

  1. Airfare or bus travel: The most obvious way that the destination will impact the price of your tour is by the mode of transportation required to get there. Will your group be traveling by plane to Europe—or farther? If your destination is within a reasonable driving distance, you can go by tour bus, resulting in significant savings. While some learning goals are very destination specific, there may be some amazing educational opportunities just a little closer to home.
  2. On-tour travel requirements: Once you reach your destination, how will you get around? If you’re doing a city stay, your on-tour travel will be limited to bus and perhaps subway. If you plan to travel between cities and even countries while abroad, your itinerary might include train tickets or even additional airfare. The farther spread your destinations are, the more time your group will spend travelling as well—which will add to the cost. Obviously, a more cost-effective option is to choose one destination over a multi-leg journey.
  3. Hotel and food prices: To stay in certain destinations is cheaper than to stay in others, depending on the area’s lodging and restaurant choices. Your tour consultant will be able to help you choose an affordable destination. Consider an unforgettable educational tour to one of these destinations.

Of course, besides a calculated choice of destination, there are many other ways to keep the cost of your tour affordable for as many students as possible. Prométour tour consultants make it their priority to put together the perfect itinerary for your group, and that includes a lot of things, from destination to on-tour activities to educational goals. Give us a call today and we’ll make it happen!