4 Reasons Why Now has Never Been a Better Time to Travel

When it comes to travel, there is never a good or right time to do it. With the geopolitical tension across the globe, we understand that traveling may not be the easiest thing to sell to the board or to parents – It may not even be something that you feel 100% comfortable with. However we don’t think you or anyone for that matter should tunnel vision on the cons and completely disregard the benefits of discovering new places…

Travel is life changing and mind altering for everyone. So we decided it was important to write a new blog on just that; check out these 4 reasons why now has never been a better time to travel. What a time to be alive!


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1. Technology

One of the most common fears of travelling is being unable to communicate with locals in a foreign country. You can be walking through a small Spanish market wanting to purchase souvenirs for back home but the man behind the counter just isn’t buying your haggling efforts. Although this fear is a legitimate one; it isn’t one that a 21st century traveler should spend so much time sweating about. Why? Because there’s an app.


4 Reasons why Now has never been a Better time to Travel technology



Correction there’s multiple apps. With there being an app for absolutely everything, the market for travel oriented apps is of abundance. From apps organizing your itinerary to be as efficient as possible to ones offering an offline translator not needing internet connection; today’s technology can alleviate the fear of discovering new surroundings and culture shock you will inevitably encounter at the arrival of your adventure. While we still strongly suggest to immerse yourself in new cultures and not keep your nose glued to your smartphone for every waking moment of indecision; the apps available on the market can really act as a useful travel crutch.


Deciding to travel with students? Some travel apps can even enhance your young student’s trip as some museums in major cities have created apps to make an exhibition visit a little less boring. There’s also a number of apps that allow your students to stay in contact with their parents as freely as they like. Here’s our 5 favorite apps for student travel:



History Hero


Google Translate



2) Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn’t far away.

Experiencing new surroundings and immersing yourself in a different culture doesn’t necessarily have to be an ocean and three time zones away. There are a lot of places in North America that offer a taste of French and Spanish culture. Depending on your location you don’t need to fly or even a passport to get there; and sometimes going abroad is too much a big step for first time travellers so starting off small could be the best way to get people’s feet wet.


4 Reasons why Now has never been a Better time to Travel step out of your comfort zone


Our personal favorite and bestseller at Prometour is Quebec. For many Americans and Canadians, Quebec is a short flight or bus ride away. You can experience French culture on a budget and without the jet lag. If you think France and Spain are too big of a trip to take your students for their first trip then starting with smaller trips to Quebec, Louisiana, Puerto Rico etc. are maybe the best way to grow enthusiasm for your students to get outside of their comfort zone and take the bigger step to say Europe come the next trip.


3) Exchange rate

This next point is more for our American travellers (sorry Canadians!) and how the exchange rate is in your favor. With a strong American dollar, anything is possible! Now is the time to take advantage of travelling abroad to Europe, down South or even up North to your great Canadian neighbors. With a strong exchange rate, now is the time to book student travel as the only thing that will cost you most is the flight and transportation to get there. All those souvenirs, extra activities and free time can be taken on for full advantage. According to many travel sources, there has never been a better time for American travellers to experience Europe – plus with great student group rates why not!?


4 Reasons why Now has never been a Better time to Travel shopping exchange rate


4) Time isn’t slowing down…

It isn’t and for anyone! As the saying goes, there is never a “good time” to travel. The best time is now. Student travel is one of the most beneficial times for someone to travel whether they be a student or teacher. An educational tour may be the only time a student will ever travel – may it be by personal or financial choice, now is the chance to change and impact your student’s lives with a great trip abroad. Maybe you’ve never travelled, so why not explore somewhere else in an educational environment with your pupils? It will indefinitely alter your teaching experiences, your students learning experiences and leave the both of you with memories for life.

4 Reasons why Now has never been a Better time to Travel time



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