La Campagne à Paris – The Little Unknown Village in the Big City

It’s easy to get lost amidst the many famously beautiful places found in Paris but every now and then, we have someone asking us to recommend a beautiful spot that isn’t overflowing with millions of tourists, city traffic, and loud noise. Ask any Parisian for such a place and they might recommend La Campagne à Paris.

Literally translated as “the countryside in Paris,” this tiny neighborhood with it’s tangled web of cobbled roads and quaint Ivy-covered houses may be one of the French capital’s best-kept secrets. The mini-village, which sits atop a small mound just a few minutes from Paris’s “Périphérique” ring road, feels more like a village than part of a bustling capital city due to its unique atmosphere which you won’t find anywhere else in Paris.

The little neighborhood of La Campagne à Paris was founded as a cooperative intended for working-class families, by pastor Sully Lombard in 1907 and consists of 92 charming garden houses built of bricks or millstones. Living in the Campagne à Paris area is a rare luxury in Paris since these days the houses will set you back well in excess of one million euros – but that doesn’t stop many people from spending a day in the tiny French countryside.

If you are traveling to Paris soon and you feel you need a break from the busy city streets, do yourself a favor and stop by – it’s only a short walk from Porte de Bagnolet Metro and not that far from downtown.

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La Campagne à Paris