Hosting An Information Meeting

Take Action! Set Up An Information Meeting.

This is a key step to running a successful tour and will ensure that parents and students are fully aware of the trip details and all the benefits of student travel.

Before the Meeting

When preparing for your Information Meeting, make sure to call your Prométour Tour Consultant beforehand to go over what should be covered. You should also ensure that all interested participants have access to the Trip Brochure Hyperlink.

  • Send a reminder email to all interested participants at least two days before the meeting.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Talk to your Prométour Tour Consultant to have them facilitate the meeting via video conference.

Information Meeting Day

Make sure to print the attendance sheet so that you can keep track of who was there and who you will need to follow up with. You should also have a couple of extra copies of the trip brochure.

An important aspect not to be overlooked is to get everyone excited about the meeting! Consider decorating your meeting space so that it matches the destination. Bring cultural trinkets, play music, and bring snacks. Make sure to get your students involved in this part!

Participant Registration

Now that everyone is informed and excited, use this momentum and immediately send them the registration link.

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