What if I Don’t Have Enough Students to Travel?

It may happen that after you’ve chosen an educational tour company, built and priced an itinerary based on an estimated group size, and then promoted it to your students, you find that there is not as much interest as you had anticipated. A smaller group than you had counted on means the price of the trip will go up—and if the price of the trip goes up, will you be left with even fewer interested students?

The good news about a customized tour, like those offered by Prométour, is that you always have enough students to travel. We never consolidate your group with another, so you’re not stuck with a fixed itinerary or with coming up with an exact number of travelers. Customized tour providers are flexible and will make the tour work for you, no matter the number of travelers. 

While the size of your group does impact the price of your tour, there are things you can do to keep the trip affordable, even with a small number of travelers. For example:

1. Shorter trip. Shortening your trip, even by just one day, can have enough of an impact on the final price to keep the student tour in line with your students’ budgets. Should the size of your group be smaller than you estimated, consider changing the length of your trip.

2. Fewer paid activities. If you had planned a fast-paced tour for your larger group, with an itinerary full of museum visits and entry to various sites, you can still offer an exciting and educational trip to your smaller group by eliminating some of the more costly activities and replacing them with free or lower-cost activities, such as a visit to an open air market. This will help to make the tour price for each student more affordable while still offering them the life-changing experience of travel.

3. Fewer chaperones. If you end up with a lower number of student travelers than you had anticipated, it makes sense to lower the number of chaperones that would travel with your group for free.

Of course, there are other ways to not give up on your educational travel plans just because you find yourself with a smaller group of travelers. The best thing you can do is to plan your tour well in advance. Not only will this give students plenty of time to get on board, but it will also give them plenty of time to save money for their tour, whatever the final price of the tour may be.

If you’re well past that beginning stage, consider planning some easy fundraising activities to offset the higher price of your educational tour. You may even find that the extra publicity causes a few more students to sign up for your trip!

For more tips and suggestions, give your tour consultant a call!